Joel Gurrola

Global Development Executive

Mr. Gurrola has been solutioning electronic monitoring programs internationally for over 9 years. As Global Development Executive, Mr. Gurrola is responsible for business development in Central America, South America, Mexico, and The Caribbean while supporting programs in the Middle East, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. As our dedicated Operations Manager for the Islas Marias program in Mexico, Mr. Gurrola was instrumental in deploying and overseeing one of the largest GPS monitoring programs in the country. His hands-on experience in program management, IT systems analysis, and judicial advocacy afforded him the opportunity to join Track Group’s emerging partnership with the Chilean government. As Project Manager for the Gendarmerie of Chile (GENCHI) contract in Santiago, Mr. Gurrola deployed one of the largest nationwide GPS monitoring programs in the industry, providing on- site training to over 150 GENCHI officers at 16 social reintegration centers. Mr. Gurrola’s success supporting our partnership with GENCHI led to opportunities within Track Group’s sales organization, where he successfully developed electronic monitoring programs both domestically and abroad before being promoted to Global Development Executive in 2019. Mr. Gurrola has cultivated a unique skillset in both operational and business development capacities and has played a key role in the award and implementation of some of largest, most complex electronic monitoring programs in the world.