Laurent Lepoutre

Vice President of Sales, North America

As Vice President of Sales, Mr. Lepoutre oversees all revenue-related sales and business development functions for the domestic (US) and Canada markets. His primary focus is to promote positive relations with customers, partners, vendors, and distributors. In addition to managing the team of Regional Sales Managers, he is also responsible for recommending and administering policies and procedures to enhance sales operations, customer satisfaction and retention, and revenue performance.

Mr. Lepoutre joined Track Group in May 2022. Prior to joining Track Group, Mr. Lepoutre worked for 23 years in various business development roles with BI Incorporated. During his tenure at BI, he played key roles in the Electronic Monitoring, Re-Entry, and ISAP business units. Prior to BI, Mr. Lepoutre worked in various roles including as a Youth Service Officer at the York Detention Center in Toronto, Canada, and as a Social and Education Worker with a North American tribe. Mr. Lepoutre holds a Master’s in Criminology for the University of Ottawa and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia.