SecureAlert Selected by Chile for Multi-Year Electronic Monitoring Contract

By September 29, 2014News

electronic monitoring contractSecureAlert has been awarded a 41 month government contract with Chile’s Gendarmerie, the nation’s uniformed prison service, to provide offender tracking, monitoring and public safety services.

The award follows a thorough competitive review by Chile’s Ministry of Justice, which considered all available technologies for an electronic monitoring program designed to alleviate prison overcrowding while ensuring compliance among domestic violence, pre-trial and early release offenders. SecureAlert was chosen in large part because of the company’s proven ability to monitor high-risk offenders through its innovative tracking solutions and real-time monitoring programs.

Under the agreement, SecureAlert will deliver and put into service up to 9,400 electronic monitoring devices over a three-year period. In addition, the company will also initiate real-time monitoring and data centers, to be staffed by Chilean government employees, and will provide ongoing training and support to maintain the program’s full effectiveness.


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