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July 2018

Track Group, Inc. Introduces Mobile Breath Alcohol Monitoring System

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NAPERVILLE, IL – Track Group, Inc. (OTCQX: TRCK), a global leader in providing community corrections agencies with offender tracking and monitoring services, today announced the introduction of BACtrack, a mobile alcohol monitoring system that integrates a smartphone app and a law enforcement-grade, handheld breathalyzer to provide breath alcohol content (BAC).

“We are excited to announce the newest addition to our product portfolio,” said Derek Cassell, Track Group’s CEO. “Track Group and BACtrack, Inc. have teamed up to develop a specifically designed alcohol monitoring device for criminal justice – making it an innovative solution for corrections agencies to monitor individuals in the community who are required to abstain from alcohol as a condition of parole, probation or pretrial sentencing.”

BACtrack’s features include a law enforcement-grade fuel cell, uniquely designed mouthpiece, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS location functionality, random/scheduled or manual testing options, video verification on all tests and officer email or text notifications on missed or failed tests.

The smartphone app utilized by the participant is easy-to-use and provides testing reminders and step-by-step testing instructions. Participants are required to take a photo of themselves, which is then stored in the BACtrack software system and utilized for comparison against the breath test videos. This video verification, combined with our uniquely designed mouthpiece, minimizes the risk of testing manipulation.

“The introduction of BACtrack reflects Track Group’s continued commitment to offer the latest, application-based technology to our customers and the market,” said CEO, Derek Cassell, “and also addresses the #1 problem facing agencies with regards to mobile breathalyzers – excessive device replacement costs.”

For more information about this contract award or any monitoring products and services offered by Track Group, contact Matt Swando at 877-260-2010.

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Track Group designs, manufactures, and markets location tracking devices and develops and sells a variety of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions, and monitoring applications for the criminal justice market. The Company’s products and services are designed to empower professionals in security, law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation organizations worldwide with single-sourced offender management solutions that integrate reliable intervention technologies to support re-socialization and monitoring initiatives.

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